Who is going to win the Romanian First League?

Discussion in 'Romania' started by felefele, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. felefele

    felefele Member

    Who do you think will take the Championship this year? The standings now are like this:
    1. Dinamo Bucuresti 35
    2. Unirea Urziceni 34
    3. FC Timisoara 29
    4. Steaua Bucuresti 29
    5. CFR Cluj 29

    As you can see there is a very tight standing. I bet all my money on Dinamo Bucuresti because they have some great players and they didn't sold any of them this year. Good luck Dinamo.
  2. Jelboy

    Jelboy Member

    Unirea Urziceni could be a side that has a good go. I think they have huge promise in the league and can establish themselves as a European Championship/Uefa Cup club. They might be able to give Dinamo BUcharest a run for their money in my opinion, or at least Steau Bucharest.

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