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Discussion in 'FIFA World Cup 2014' started by tatler, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. tatler

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    Many people that I have spoken to have commented on how disappointing this World Cup has been. Speaking personally, I have to say that it has not lived up to expectations. Spain apart,the passing has been woeful. No one can possibly argue that Spain were in a different class to any other team at this World Cup. Some excuses have been put forward such as the fact that many of the games were held at altitude and that the ball used was very light. Well the World Cups of 1970 and 1986 were also played at altitude and were of much higher quality than this WC.
  2. redsforlife

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    Several teams were very good in this tournament, notably for me were Germany, Uruguay and Ghana, all of whom I thought played great football, provided entertainin games and had a real desire to win.

    I dont think this tournament was any less exciting or successful then other World Cups, its easy to critise this one cos its recent in the memory, whereas all the other world cups are distant memories and we can convince oursleves that they were so much better then this one, I think its just we like to think they were better, when probably they were pretty much the same.

    A good tournament allround I thought, particularly the lack of trouble by fans and against fans, pre tournament we thought it was going to be a muggers heaven with all these tourists around, but in the end it was all good, I dont think crime increased during the tournament, a testiment to the great planning and organisation I think.
  3. Wity

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    Except the Swiss :D
  4. Phil

    Phil FF Admin

    lol... thought it was a good world cup to be honest, took a few games to get going, but once the first round of games were out of the way and the teams nerves lessened I think the standard improved greatly.
  5. oggmeista

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    lol speak for yourself

    This is our 66 :) campeones del mundo Sud de Africa 2010

    Now all that needs to happen is for LFc to win us the premiership ) how hard can that be? P hmmm maybe not.........w
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  6. oggmeista

    oggmeista Member

    lol yeah they just had to do it another 6 times and the prize was theres easy peasy )
  7. gemmell

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    i,ve been a ardent lfc fan for years i was in the kop when i was a kid . liverpool are now in the ranks of the also rans . they will be lucky to get fourth . hodgson has had decent season by fulhams standards . he is just a mediocre manager . ask blackburn who he got relegated
  8. abasio

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    off topic much?

    This World Cup was a little disappointing. Watching it all at home is not the best place to judge but probably the most common. The vuvuzelas really annoyed me, the crappy commentary annoyed me and there were a lot of pretty shit matches including the final.

    There were some saving graces though, Uruguay & Germany I think put in some great performances. Wish that had been the final. France, England & Italy just embarrased themselves and the only team to finish the world cup unbeaten was New Zealand :)
  9. tatler

    tatler New Member

    'Now all that needs to happen is for LFc to win us the premiership) how hard can that be?'

    Have you given them a timescale to achieve it? This century? Next century?:(
  10. Phil

    Phil FF Admin

    lol... LFC will win it the season after Pompey wins it... shouldnt be too long....... ;)
  11. oggmeista

    oggmeista Member

    ROFL dead funny man,, but unfortunateley its closer to the truth than challenging for honors :)
  12. princee18

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    Yeah it was disappointing for many people, but the fact that we should not ignore that Spain was the deserving candidate for it, with it major players from Madrid.
  13. karnamatek

    karnamatek New Member

    I think the tournament wasn't disappointing. It started out slowly and the final was kind of a dud - but I think South Africa put on a great WC.

    For 2014, I hope the officiating is greatly improved upon.
    Less yellows (and no carry-over between games with yellow cards).

    I also think the silver goal is rubbish.
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