Are the Greek Soccer good?

Discussion in 'Greece' started by mateostscha, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. mateostscha

    mateostscha Member

    I remember that, 2006 I guess, Greece won Eurocope,
    so I was thinking... they have a quality soccer or it was just luck?
  2. andre2410

    andre2410 Member

    Ah, you made a good topic here.
    I do think they are just lucky at Euro 2004 (not 2006)
    Look at them on World Cup, they can show good performance like they did on Euro 2004
  3. djibrilcisse13

    djibrilcisse13 New Member

    The Greeks shocked the world soccer community by winning the Euro 2004 on Portugal.Some said it was just luck but the fact they won the hosts twice(once in the opening 2-1,and once in the final 1-0)prooves them wrong.Besides that,you need more than luck to kick out of the competition France and Czech Rep.
  4. Phil

    Phil FF Admin

    They had a great game plan and stuck to it, they played like their lives depended on it and they got through.

    I think its fair to say they probably wont win anything for a while now.

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